Kate M.

"The Art and Mastery of Teaching for Mental Health workshop could easily run with the alternate title "The Power of A Yoga Teacher's Words". Helpful for all teachers, but I respectfully suggest essential for younger teachers and/or the genetically gifted. 

Those who are yet to experience physical limitations in their own body. Those who are yet to face traumatic life changing events. Those who casually give advice on issues which fall beyond the scope of a yoga teacher. Those who are unable comprehend the fragile mindset of some students in class. Those who give cues without truly understanding the power of their words. 

Not all yoga teachers are naturally imbued with wisdom and empathy. Age helps because experience is the best teacher ("Knowledge without experience is just information" -Einstein). Fewer still are psychologists. Nonetheless, we are responsible for holding a safe space for our students so they can deal with life. Acknowledged or not, we are responsible for providing that space for both the physical and mental health of those in the room.

Not all yoga teacher trainings will cover the finer points of HOW to give instruction in an empowering rather than judgmental way. In this workshop Whitney will help you understand your influence, responsibilities and role as a yoga teacher as it relates to the mental health of those you guide." - Kate M., Sept. 2016

Denise H.

"The hands on excercises made me more aware of the real connection we all share through the energy of our senses and how our perceptions of those experiences can influence not only our yoga practice but our day to day interaction with everyone we connect with. The practice of yoga will positively influence our mental health and your workshops will help bring this to fruition. I'm looking forward for more to come. Thanks for all you do."  - Denise H., Sept. 2016